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Contemporary Playwrights (Fuller Theater Arts): The Assignment

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Research and find biographical information about the playwright, introduction of the play (plot, characters, themes) and criticism/reviews (by theater critics of productions and by scholars of the plays themselves) on one of the following:

Matt Hawkins & Noah Rosdeutscher: Zoo Story by Edward Albee
Jackson Hannah & Hunter Burch: Fences by August Wilson
Tom Peters & Brian Graves: Fences by August Wilson
Aden Barton & Matt Kaplan: Clyborne Park by Bruce Norris
Will Farner & Camden Slinger: Clyborne Park by Bruce Norris
A minimum of two sources are required (no Wikipedia please).  You may use NoodleTools to generate your citations if you wish.  See the last page of this LibGuide for MLA information.
Organize research as a powerpoint with your group for presentation in class.