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Poetry of the Harlem Renaissance (Fuller): Assignment

The Harlem Renaissance - Black Cultural Movement in Art Music and Literature

Choose a Poet

  1. Gwendolyn Bennett   (Clint and Alex)
  2. Sterling Brown   (Josh and Carter)
  3. Arna Bontemps   (John and Robert)
  4. Langston Hughes   (David and Gray)
  5. Claude McKay   (Oliver and Manny)
  6. Countee Cullen   (Ben and Tyson)
  7. Jean Toomer   (Gordon and Ben)
  8. Jessie Redmon Fauset  (Harrison)
  9. Fenton Johnson  (Larry)
  10. Georgia Douglas Johnson (William)
  11. Helene Johnson  (Rhys)
  12. Mae Cowdery  (Luke)
  13. Joseph S. Cotter
  14. Waring Cuney
  15. James Weldon Johnson (Clay)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Assignment Details: 4 Slides

Present slide show that includes:
1) Biography of the poet
2) Information about his or her works
3) Leads class through analysis of one poem (so have slide with text of poem)
4) Works Consulted (Bibliography)--At least 2 sources (no Wikipedia)
You will be graded on content as well as the organization, clarity and visual appeal of your presentation.