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Playwrights (Fuller Studio Theater): The Assignment

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Assignment Details

Research and find biographical information about the playwright, introduction of the play (plot, characters, themes) and criticism/reviews (by theater critics of productions and by scholars of the plays themselves) on one of the following:

Jackson Long & Hudson Dobbs: Zoo Story by Edward Albee
Matt Hawkins & Noah Rosdeutscher: Zoo Story by Edward Albee
Jackson Hannah & Hunter Burch: Fences by August Wilson
Tom Peters & Brian Graves: Fences by August Wilson
Aden Barton & Matt Kaplan: Clyborne Park by Bruce Norris
Will Farner & Camden Slinger: Clyborne Park by Bruce Norris
A minimum of two sources are required (no Wikipedia please).  You may use NoodleTools to generate your citations if you wish.  See the last page of this LibGuide for MLA information.