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War Between the States (Sharbel 10th Grade): Assignment

Online databases, eBooks, and web sites to help you find information on the U.S. Civil War/War Between the States, 1861-1865

Robert E. Lee

Photo Credit:  Wikipedia

Assignment Details

Prepare a five minute oral report on a selected topic from the War Between the States.  Each presentation must include a minimum of five Powerpoint briefing slides with at least three images, a cover sheet, and a bibliography with three sources.

Topics include:

  • Bio on Robert E Lee - Wes Richardson
  • Bio on US Grant - Connor Gray
  • Bio on Nathan B Forrest - Jamie Payne
  • Bio on William T Sherman - Will Eskew
  • Secession of the South - Max Turner
  • Blockade of the South - Davis Voecks
  • Technology of the War Between the States - Yavin Awis
  • Infantry Tactics in the War Between the States - NA
  • Artillery in the War Between the States - Chris Saxon
  • Cavalry in the War Between the States - Willilam Hall
  • Battle of Mobile Bay - Sam Smith
  • Music in the War Between the States - Zach Skaff
  • Battle of Hampton Roads (Monitor v Virginia) - NA
  • Battle of Gettysburg - Ethan Mowery
  • 1864 March to the Sea (Across Georgia) - Zach Wassynger
  • Battle of Nashville - Owen Curry
  • Siege of Richmond - Crom Tidwell

Ulysses S. Grant

Photo Credit:  Wikipedia