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2020 All School Read: Book Availability

Electronic and Print Options for Reading Frankenstein

Need a copy of Frankenstein? Some reading options are numbered below these important reminders for all students:

  • Each student is responsible for reading a print or electronic version of the book, or listening to an audiobook edition.
  • Many editions of Frankenstein have been published over the years. The specific edition does not matter as long as it is the complete text, not a shortened version or adaptation such as a graphic novel or children's edition.
  • Students will not need to bring their books to school at the start of the year; they only need to bring their completed projects. If you borrow a copy from a library, you are free to return it whenever it is due.

1. There is a free online text version available in Project Gutenberg.  Free ebooks versions are also available through Google Play and the Apple iBooks app.

2. For a free audiobook edition, you can listen to this version on YouTube, which also includes scrolling text. 

3. Go to your local public library to check out the book or ebook.

4. Buy local - go to Parnassus Books and support your local independent bookstore by buying a copy there.

5. Order from online retailers and get it shipped to your house.

Questions? Please contact librarian Jane McMahon at


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