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How To Access Class E-Books: Home

A quick guide for arranging an e-copy for your reading in an MBA classroom.

So You Want To Get a Library E-Book!

The MBA Library is now offering e-book checkouts for students to read for class. Listed below are basic instructions for downloading an e-book.

Basic tips: 

1. Use the correct MBA Amazon Account

2. Be sure to register the one device you'll be primarily using for reading the e-book.

E-book Copies WITHOUT Audiobook version

Use the Amazon account username:

Password is readredread

*Follow the instructions in the middle of this page*

E-book Copies WITH Audiobook version

Use the Amazon account username:
Password is readredread
1. For reading on a browser on your computer, go to and log in, then go to "Your Account" then "Manage Your Kindle," Next to the appropriate e-book listed, click on the "Actions" drop-down, then click on "Read Now" to go to the online e-reader.
2. For reading on an iPad or iPhone (or other tablet or phone), download the Kindle App, then register the App using the login information above. You should be able to view that account's books in the Cloud, then download the appropriate book for reading.
3. For reading on your personal Kindle device, please see a librarian to arrange access.

Other FAQ

1. Why does the book keep skipping to different pages in between readings? It's perhaps because you're co-reading the copy with others. Try to remember the place you stopped (the percentage), and return to that point manually.

2. Can I take notes on this copy? Absolutely, but remember that the notes you take will be visible to the others reading your copy.