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The Patrick Wilson Library

In support of MBA's mission, the Patrick Wilson Library is an integral part of the MBA community. On campus the library provides a gracious as well as functional setting for MBA's students and faculty to study, read for pleasure, engage in research, and explore print and digital information sources. Constructed in 1968 and renovated in 1997, the library is named for former MBA student Patrick Wilson and funded through the generosity of the Wilson family. 


Library Staff

Library Policies

These general rules have been established in order to make the library a space that is welcoming to all students, faculty, and staff.

  1. As you enter, the area to your left is a silent area designated for individual study. The area on the right is the group study area and talking is allowed. A respectable noise level is that of a normal conversation. If students on the silent side need to discuss schoolwork, they should relocate to the talking side of the library.
  2. On the group study side, the reading room has a maximum seating capacity of 25. The four small study rooms are reserved for make-up test taking and online meetings only.
  3. After-hours access to the library by any student or student group requires prior authorization by Ms. Nan Flynn in the main office. No students may be in the library unless they are in the presence of an MBA faculty or staff member, or a coach who has had their background checked by MBA. Unaccompanied students are not allowed in the MBA library at any time. 

  4. Students may not sit on the balcony floor nor linger on the balcony. The balcony may not to be used for mock-trial practice or other school-related activity.
  5. There is to be no eating food or chewing gum in the library.  Bottled or closed containers of liquids are permitted.
  6. Students are asked to wear headphones when listening to audio content. If a student does not have his own, headphones are available from the library staff.
  7. Although the library is a green zone, students are expected to use their phones for academic purposes.  Please ask one of the library staff if you need to make a phone call.
  8. Please keep all areas of the library clean.  You are expected to pick up all trash before leaving the library.  Trash and recycling bins are located throughout the library.
  9. Furnishings in the library are to be treated with respect.  Shoes should remain on at all times.
  10. Unattended belongings are to be placed ONLY in the designated drop zone across from the Information Desk. No items are to be left unattended on tables or by tables at any time to mark the tables as “taken,” or demerits will be issued.
  11. Junior school and high school students on the privilege list (see student handbook for details) may use the library at any time during normal hours. Study hall students not on PL may use the library during study hall only with prior permission from their academic teacher.  For those students, passes should be brought to the circulation desk to be signed when entering and again when leaving the library.
  12. Four desktop computers in the library are available for student use and printing.  Students may use the internet only after an Internet Usage Protocol form has been completed.  No games are allowed on the desktops.
  13. Students are allowed to check out library DVDs, with the same checkout procedures and rules as books, but they must adhere to individual video ratings and age restrictions. Students can only check out R-rated movies from this collection if they have written (note or email) permission from a parent/guardian.