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Spanish Holidays (Kamm): Assignment

Details of the Project

Proyecto: Una celebración hispana

1) Las noticias - Find a newspaper article in Spanish on your holiday and write comprehension questions to accompany the article.

2) Historical Summary - Research the history of your holiday in order to write a brief (125 words or fewer) summary of the origins of the celebration. You will need to cite various reputable and academic sources for this section of the project.

3) Video Blog - Research the current celebration of your holiday. Based on this information, you will create a video blog entry posing as a local who just got done celebrating the festival. In the video blog, you describe the celebration to a friend living in a different country. For this section of the project you may use newspaper articles, videos, blogs, photos, or other resources. Make sure to cite all sources that you use.

4) Visual Element - Create a Prezi to use as an aid for a 3 - 5 minute oral presentation on the holiday. The Prezi should include pictures, video, and pertinent information that will help you with you presentation.

Due date: October 13th

Due Date

Due date: October 13th

Glogster Information

See the Glogster tab of this guide for assistance in making your Glogster!