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WWII Research Paper (Norton 10th Grade): The Assignment

Assignment Details

Evaluate the involvement of the U.S. in one of the following countries after World War II:

- Cuba

- Nicaragua

- Guatemala

- Iran

- Iraq

- Bolivia

- Somalia

- Vietnam

- Chile

Based off a minimum of two different, credible sources, (one must be a book or an ebook and one an online resource from American History Online, ABC-CLIO History databases or other online sources on this guide), what are the reasons for U.S. involvement (overt or covert) in these countries?  Analyze and assess the reasons for involvement and determine whether you believe the involvement was more economically, ideologically or militarily motivated.   What is neo-colonialism and do you think the involvement of the US with this country represents neo-colonialism?  Why?

Your research paper should be at least 6 pages typed and doubled-spaced, 12 font, regular margins. Your paper may be more than 6 pages.

Timeline for the paper:

-  Wednesday, March 13: Decide country

- Wednesday, March 27: Collect sources

- Tuesday, April 2nd: Turn in outline

-  Wednesday, April 10th: First 3 pages due

-  Wednesday, April 17th: Last 3 pages due

-  Wednesday, April 24th:  Final draft due

- Wednesday, May 1st: Find study hall to meet with Mr. Norton for final paper grade


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