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Mathematicians Research Project (Golenor Geometry): The Assignment

Because Spring on the Hill isn't Spring without a little Math History Research.

Basic Details of the Assignment

Mathematics Research Assignment


We will be spending February 26 - March 4 in the library and library computer lab conducting research for our projects.  Please meet in B35 for attendance.  It is YOUR responsibility to check in with me if you are missing class for a school related activity.

Everyone will do the following DUE TUESDAY, March 4, 2018:

1.  Write a paper on the topic MORE than one and a half pages in length (typed, double-spaced, worth 20 test points)

2.  Prepare a 4-8 minute presentation in front of the class (worth 30 test points).

3.  Use at least two documented references (at least one be a formal publication) in proper bibliographical format.

In your report, be creative, informative, and entertaining.  Include any interesting stories about the person’s:

1.  Life and death

2.  Major mathematical contributions and major works

3.  Historical/cultural environment

4.  Contemporaries, colleagues, adversaries and/or enemies

5.  Contributions/ work aside from mathematics

6.  Any amusing or memorable anecdotes

***If you choose to use PowerPoint or Google Presentations for your presentation, you MUST email me your file BEFORE class on March 4.  I will NOT accept any disks or thumb drives. 

Topics (in no particular order)

1. Carl Friedrich Gauss                                         11. Leonardo de Pisa (Fibonacci)

2. Leonhard Euler                                                 12. Sir Isaac Newton

3. Girolamo Cardano                                            13. Evarist Galois

4. Niccolo Tartaglia                                               14. Euclid

5. John Napier                                                      15. Rene Descartes

6. Blaise Pascale                                                  16. Al-Khwarizmi

7. Pythagoras (or the Pythagorean Society)         17. Sophie Germain

8. Archimedes                                                       18. Diophantus

9. Pierre de Fermat 

10. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

An in-class quiz will be given based on the class presentations.

Eureka! I used the library for research and found my 2 sources!