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2012 All School Read: Acquiring the Book

Where Can I Find a Hard Copy of the Book?

The MBA Library has multiple copies of this book, but they are all currently checked out by either students or faculty.  In order to be assured that you have a copy of your own to read, the librarians suggest either purchasing the book or SEE THE BOX BELOW FOR A FREE DIGITAL COPY.

Locally Parnassus Books has purchased this book in anticipation of high demand.  Parnassus is located at  3900 Hillsboro Pike (across from the Green Hills Mall).  To make sure they have a copy in stock before you go to purchase it, please call 953-2243.

Here is the link to purchase from Amazon:

And a link to Barnes & Noble:


How Do I Download an Open Source Digital Copy of the Book?

Go to the Internet Archive page for the novel here:

Access different file types of the digital version at the left-hand column.

1. "Read Online" allows any reader to open an online e-reader on your computer to read the book.

2. "PDF" allows you to open or download a PDF of the book. To download a copy to your computer, either (1) click on the PDF link then click on the save icon once the PDF opens, or (2) right-click on the PDF link and select "Save Link As".
    3. To transfer the "Kindle" file to your Kindle, plug your Kindle device in to your computer, then download/save the "Kindle" file (with a .mobi file extension) to the "documents" folder in your Kindle drive (the device that shows up when you plug in your Kindle, similar to a USB drive).

    4. What if I want to read the book on my Nook or iPad? You can transfer the PDF to either device, or convert one of the e-book file types to a file type that works for your device. Come by the library for more specific help.