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8th Grade Research and Communications Class: Debate Information

Grading Rubric



Grade (out of 100 points):

CONTENT (50 pts.)


Seriousness towards topic                                                                                                  E   G   A  F   P


Ethos - Established credibility/goodwill as speaker on topic                                       E   G   A   F  P


Pathos – Used emotional conviction, examples, and language                                 E   G   A   F  P


Logos – Used proper evidence and sound reasoning                                                    E   G   A   F  P


Citing at least 2 sources throughout debate                                                                   E   G   A   F  P


Responsiveness to opponent’s arguments                                                                      E   G   A   F  P


Cross-examination sessions (Asking)                                                                              E   G   A   F  P


Cross-examination sessions (Asking)                                                                              E   G   A   F  P             

STRUCTURE (20 pts.)


Presented clear main points – at least 3                                                                          E   G   A   F  P


Employed an appropriate introduction and conclusion                                                              E   G   A   F  P


Used an appropriate organizational pattern for the speech                                        E   G   A   F  P

DELIVERY (30 pts.)


Maintained eye contact with the audience                                                                    E   G   A   F  P


Used notecards to guide speech                                                                                        E   G   A   F  P


Met time limits     (Deductions: __________________)                                             E   G   A   F  P


Appropriate poise , gestures                                                                                                E   G   A   F  P

Overall Comments and Suggestions:


Debate terms



Ethos - Experience and Honesty

Pathos - Emotion

Logos - Logic/Sense

Claim - Assertion

Warrant - Proof

Logical fallacy

Ad Hominem fallacy

Causation Fallacy

Part/Whole Confusion

Format of Debate

Con speaks first, Pro Second

Con 1 (2 min)

Cross-examination (1 min)

Pro 1


Con 2 (2 min)

Pro 2 (2 min)

Con 3 (30 secs)

Pro 3 (30 secs)