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8th Grade Research and Communications Class: Outlining and Organizing

Guidelines for Outlining - With TV Example

Organizing and Outlining:



1. List of Pro or Con Notecard Titles:



Television provides educational content

TV improves knowledge of current events

Statistics show that TV violence doesn’t encourage violent behavior

TV is a way for people to learn foreign languages

Consistent TV watching doesn’t cause obesity

TV promotes critical thinking about people and ideas

Common TV usage helps people become more familiar with technology

Televisions allow families to bond together



2. Pick 3 Major/Common Sub-topics from your notecards


 1. Education (4)

2. Family (1)

 3. Violence (1)


3. Figure out the order you want to present your sub-topics


 Education Violence Family


4. Organize every notecard underneath its appropriate sub-topic




5. Plan transitions




6. Construct a thesis statement and plan your introduction and conclusion.