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India Research (Bernatavitz 9th Grade): The Assignment

Assignment Details

Use your research to find the connection that your topic has to Western Civilization, historically and recently. Be sure that your presentation references a modern connection associated with your topic.

The presentation should be 3 - 5 minutes in length which should be in the form of a power point presentation. Email the presentation to me prior to class in the form of an attachment, and make sure it is compatible with my version of power point. You should acquire visuals such as maps, images etc . . . Be as creative as possible (graded on eye contact, clarity, content, organization and use of visuals). 


Type a summary or outline of the presentation that you will be delivering to the class. NB: Cite your sources with specific information (i.e. title, author, date of publication etc.). Share the summary and the works cited on Noodle Tools (i.e. India Presentation)Your grade will also include a summary of the other students' presentations. The summary will be turned in after all presentations have been delivered.


You have been assigned one of the following of which you should use the resources in this lib guide and in the school's library to research. If you discover another topic, please discuss with me the topic, so that I may grant approval before you begin your research:
  • Jainism
  • Chandragupta
  • Theravada Buddhism
  • Krishna
  • Mahabharata
  • Hinduism
  • Ashoka
  • Mahayana Buddhism
  • Sanskrit
  • Buddhism
  • Caste System
  • Dravidians
  • Mohenjo-daro
  • The Geography of India