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Design a Sustainable Village (Holmgren 9th Grade): Online Resources

Implementing biomimicry and sustainable design with an emphasis on the application of ecological principles.

Suggested Websites

Saguaro National Park Website

Green Building Websites

Information on Climate and Weather


Suggested keywords for your search.  Combine them under "advanced search."

  • gray water/recycling/low flow uses
  • recycling
  • energy conservation/building materials/light sources (LED, solar)
  • xeris landscaping
  • ecologically sensitive/landfill/sewage
  • solar energy
  • biomimicry
  • ecosystem
  • sustainable design
  • green design
  • William McDonough
  • southwest native american culture/farming practices/adobe buildings

Databases and Journal Articles

Google Scholar

After exhausting some of the resources on this page, Google Scholar would be a good choice, or the Advanced Search feature in Google.  

Google Scholar Search

About Ecosystems

General Encyclopedias

Great for finding general information about ecosystems.  Remember, you'll need usernames and passwords if you are researching off campus.  See the box on this page for the off-campus link.

Off Campus Access to Databases and Ebooks