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All Quiet on the Western Front (Klausner 9th Grade): Online Resources

This libguide contains links to information on the novel and its author and resources for understanding the book's time period, World War I.

General Encyclopedias

These general sources will provide information on World War I.   In addition, each article contains links to websites and in many cases, periodicals (magazines) as well.  Remember, you'll need usernames and passwords if you are researching off campus.  See the box on this page for the off-campus link.

Off Campus Access Information

Use the link below if you are off-campus and asked to provide a username and/or password.  You will be prompted to first log in to the MBA website.

Off-Campus Access

Erich Maria Remarque

History Databases

Try using keywords "World War I" and "western front" to narrow your search.

Webpath Express

One way to search for reputable websites is to search Webpath Express, which is part of Destiny.