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Summer Class: 8th Grade Research and Communications: Assignments, Handouts, and Helpful Links

This guide is for use of summer school students only. During the regular 8th grade school year, use the libguide "8th Grade Research and Speech Class."

Homework Assignments

Any homework assignments will be given in class AND POSTED HERE, so check back often!  (Much of the work is computer-based, so many assignments will be able to be completed during class.)   REMINDER:  Any handouts given out in class as well as helpful links are also posted on this page of the libguide.

Due Tuesday, July 23:  Cite the Internet Bubble video and your heat wave source in Noodle Tools. Complete list of 5 possible arguments for your paper topic on Google Doc through Google Classroom. Homework due at the beginning of each class, unless otherwise noted.

Due Wednesday, July 24:  Fill in your research question on the Noodle Tools dashboard for your project. Create at least 2 sources and 8 notecards in your project. Be sure to link your notecards to the source citation!  

Due Thursday, July 25:  Complete the OPAC Practice Sheet. Complete 3 and 13 (total) with at least one book source.

Due Friday, July 26:    Find at least one database article through One Search, cite it, and reach 23 total notecards from it. Study for the quiz and prepare for the debate.

Due Tuesday, July 30: By an hour into tomorrow's class, get to 7 sources and 35 total notecards by adding new notecards from at least two Google-found websites. Complete the Google searching homework questionnaire.

Due Wednesday, July 31: 

1.  Put your notecards in at least 3 piles.  You can put ones you KNOW you aren't going to use in a "discard" pile.

2.  Write a rough thesis statement into the project dashboard on NT.

3. Finish your NoodleTools outline for 5 paragraphs with full sentences. Attach your notecards to the outline.  Now is the time to check:  do you have enough notecards to support your three points?  If not, you'll need to revisit several of your sources for more information!

Due Thursday, August 1:  Cite at least 1 image in Noodle Tools and paste a hi-res copy in Google Docs. Finish the rough body paragraphs. Add 3 comments on your critic partner's paper.

For Friday, August 2:  Study for your final quiz and prepare for your final debate!  As we reviewed in class on Thursday, questions will be multiple choice, short answer, true/false, and an essay.

Helpful Links

Databases for This Class













a lot

Don't use:  there is or there are

Don't use:  you or yours

Don't use:  contractions..... say did not, not didn't

Don't use: inflammatory words, or word that carry a value, for example  "horrible"  "disgusting"   you are a researcher and can back up your argument with RESEARCH, not with emotion!