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Mathematics History Paper Assignment (Shone): The Assignment

Basic Details of the Assignment


Winter 2013

Mr. Shone

Date Due: 12/3 at the end of class

Work in the library: Friday, 11/22, and 11/25, 11/26, 12/2, and 12/3


   1. A minimum of 2-3 pages double-spaced typed

   2. Solid paragraph form: topic sentences and 2 to 3 points in a paragraph

   3. Full sentences; avoid comma splices and run-ons

   4. Correct punctuation

   5. Sustain a train of thought

   6. Bibliography in MLA form; (use noodle tools) minimum 3 sources with 1 book

   7. 1" margins and use a 12 point font

   8. Rough draft due Monday, 12/2


   I. Short Introduction; suggest points to the mathematician's importance.

   2. General facts about the life of the mathematician

   3. Specific math done; must be able to talk intelligently about the math they did.

   4. Conclusions and significance.


   a) This paper will be worth the equivalent of one test grade

List of possible Mathematicians:

- Napier

- Gauss

- Cayley

- Bernoulli

- Newton

- Descartes

- Euler

- Hamilton

- d'Alembert

- Hipparchus

- Pascal

- Legendre

- de Fermat

- Gibbs

- Cauchy

- Leibniz

- de Moivre

- Mersenne


- Fibonacci

- Pythagoras

- Kepler

- Lagrange

- Ramanujan

- Chebyshev

Eureka! I used the library for research and found my 3 sources!