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Nashville Panel Project II: Gilded Age and Early Progressive Era: Assignment

Final Product

A 3-page essay that fully addresses your topic and places it clearly in the broader context of Nashville history, the New South and Gilded Age/Progressive Era United States history. Keep in mind that you are providing what should become the script for a qr code connected entry tied to the Nashville Panels in Wallace. 

Due Dates

By February 9—choose a topic

By February 12—have topic more fully articulated

By February 27—in class work and discussion of projects

By March 2—submit essay and a complete bibliography



At least three Nashville and/or Tennessee  specific sources are needed, as well as at least one broader source  that helps put your topic in the broader context of American history in the late-ninteenth to early twentieth century.  

PLEASE USE NOODLETOOLS to generate your 4 (or more) citations. If you have forgotten your username and/or password, email Mrs. Klausner for access. 


You definitely need to visit the MBA library and make use of sources there. You are also urged to visit the Downtown/Main Metro Public Library if possible. There you can do research in both the Nashville Room and also the Metro Archives:

Also, if you can get there, the Tennessee State Library and Archives has an incredible newpaper database called Proquest.  You can only use it on site. For more info about the State Library and Archives and its location, hours, etc.  go to:

Tennessee Encyclopedia of History & Culture

Tennessee Historical Quarterly has many relevant articles.   

Roosevelt Visits Nashville, 1905

Image Courtesy of Vanderbilt University

Topics Chosen

Rutherford Hayes visit to Nashville & construction of Customs House, 1877 (Rolfsen)

Teddy Roosevelt to Nashville 1905 (Griffin)

Emergence and development of professional  baseball (Alley & Hornsby)

TN Centennial Exposition (2-3 separate topics) within (Curnutte, Rieke, Martin, Dobbs)

                Industry and technology/New South (Martin)

                Cultural aspects (Dobbs)

Union Station & RRs (Evans & Lassing)

L & N Railroad  (Cheevers)

Early flight in Nashville (first night flight)  (Wachtler & Ownby)

Development of Nashville’s street car system (Streaty & Ray)

Glendale Park (Reineke)

The Arcade as early shopping mall and downtown retail (Owen & Knight)

State poll tax and other aspects of disfranchisement in Nashville & TN 1889 to 1910 (Daniels)

Jim Crow segregation in Nashville public schools (Ramon and Johnson)

Lynching issue in Nashville (Sartain)

Establishment of Vanderbilt (Central University) (Steanson)

History of the Wallace School from founding to early 20th century (Garrett)

Fire threat,  fire codes in Nashville, and the East Nashville fire (Elkin)

Epidemic diseases in Nashville (Ardisson)

Public waterworks in Nashville (Benson)