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Newspaper Project: The Muslim Empires and the East Asian World (Story 11th Grade): Assignment

Details of the Project

·         You will organize, write, design, and edit a newspaper about the Muslim Empires (Chapter 16) or the East Asian World (Chapter 17).

·         One of your first tasks is to decide the date and location of your newspaper publication. You should conduct research to learn about major events that occurred and then select your date.

 ·         Possible sections: Each section should include artwork and be formatted appropriately.

o   Front Page – Major headlines and news

o   Business – Some papers call this section “Money”

o   Arts and Entertainment

o   Sports

o   Culture and Style

o   Real Estate

o   Science and Technology

o   Cartoons, Crossword, Sudoku, Horoscope, etc.

o   The World

o   Politics and Government

o   Health and Food

o   Travel

 ·         You will turn in:

o   Research notes for each group member

  Works cited page: no Wikipedia  NOTE:  In addition to your textbook, each person needs one additional source per article.

o   Rough draft – should include rough draft of articles and a template for final draft

o   Final Draft

o   Quiz – Each group member should write 3 multiple-choice questions and one higher-level thinking short answer. Use Bloom’s Taxonomy as a guide (see picture below). 

Newspaper Templates:

Bloom's Taxonomy

Image from the Ming Dynasty



Image Courtesy of Wiki Commons                                                          

Project Grading Rubric