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Andrew Jackson (Garvey 7th Grade): Assignment

Purpose and Instructions

Purpose: Students wills take control of their own learning by designing a series of assignments from Chapter 11 in their textbook.  Students will be allowed to make choices that best meet their individual learning styles.

Instructions: From the list below choose a variety of assignments that will total 75 points.  You will need to negotiate your assignments and the point value with Mr. Garvey, so be sure to challenge yourself from this list.  If your teacher does not believe you are challenging yourself you will be asked to rewrite your contract.  As you make your decisions, list the assignments you plan to complete on the contract on the back of this sheet as well as the points you believe the assignment is worth.  The chart below is the list of suggested assignments and their possible point totals.  If you wish to exceed these expectations, discuss this individually with Mr. Garvey.  If you have an idea besides the ones listed below, discuss your idea with Mr. Garvey.

Andrew Jackson's Home

Andrew Jackson

Important Dates

Important Dates:

Learning contract due:  end of class Tuesday October 27th  

Library Work day: Wednesday October 28th

Library Work day: Thursday October 29th

Library Work day: Friday October 30th                   

Due Date: Monday, November 2nd

List of Topics

·         Andrew Jackson Early Life

·         Jackson before  he was President

·         Jackson in the War of 1812

·         The Election of 1824

·         The Election of 1828

·         Spoils System

·         Indian Removal

·         The Nullification Crisis

·         Jackson’s Bank War

·         The Election of 1832

·         The Election of 1836