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Cuentos y Leyendas (Lanigan): Citing a Website in Noodletools

Use NT to create correct MLA citations for your project! Here is a step-by-step guide:

To get to Noodletools: Sign in to your MBA email.  At the in box, click on the grid, top right, and choose the NT app.

Create a new project:  Project name is the name of your legend/MLA advanced is already the default/then choose SUBMIT

Click Sources on the navigation bar at the top, then create new citation.  Choose website, then webpage.


Fill out the template.  Remember:

  1. There are TWO parts to a website citation:  the overall site itself (example: Presidents in History) and the actual page you are on (example: George Washington)
  2. Only fill out what you can find.  There may or may not be an author for that page. Be sure to include the URL, so you and the teacher can get back to where you found your information!