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Generals and Battles of the Civil War (Norton): Assignment

Possible Presentation Topics

Day 1:

First Manassas and First Bull Run and 2nd Manassas / Bull Run (2)


Fort Pulaski / Fort Sumter



Harper’s Ferry

Day 2:

Stones River Campaign




Atlanta / Sherman’s March to the Sea (2)

Appomattox Campaign

Confederate Heartland Campaign

Battle of Nashville


Grant’s Overland Campaign


Stonewall Jackson

General McClleland

Robert E. Lee


General Joseph Hooker

Ulysses S. Grant

William T. Sherman

General Bragg

General Hood

General Meade

General Albert Sydney Johnston

General Joseph Johnston

General Thomas

Battle of Gettysburg

Ulysses S. Grant


Source Requirements

A minimum of two sources are required for research.

Students Will Provide the Following Information to the Class

Students will provide the following information to the class:

Battle / Campaign Name:


Location of the Battle

Confederate Generals:

Number of Confederate Soldiers

Union Generals

Number of Union Soldiers:

Explain battle using a map

Confederate Significance

Union Significance

Additional Remarks / Technological Advancements

Other Information

Use NoodleTools to create your citations.

   If you choose a Civil War battle and create a visual presentation, place your bibliography at the end (on last slide).

   If you choose a Civil War general and have an oral presentation, print out your bibliography to turn in.