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1848 and Beyond Research Project (Herring): The Assignment

Assignment Details

1848 - The Global Halfway Revolution: Revolutionary Emancipation and Equality, Counterrevolutionary Reconciliation through Empire and World War, 1848-1914

The Assignment:

Take-home essay assignment for Unit III - A: 1 (c)

Date Due: Thursday, February 7, 2013

Research Requirements:

  • You MUST use MBA library research facilities, including this LibGuide. For other sources, go to then click on the green Databases tab.
  • Minimum of TWO research sources (ABC-CLIO, JSTOR, etc.)
  • Wikipedia/Google count as THIRD source ONLY
  • Bibliography must be included (use Noodletools for an easy bibliography process)

Topics for Research:

  1. Taiping Rebellion / Hong Xiaquan
  2. Caste War of Yucatan / Mayan Rebelliion in Yucatan / Jacinto Pat and Cecilio Chi
  3. Sepoy Mutiny / Rebellion of 1857 in India / Bakht Khan and Devi Singh
  4. Suez Canal Crisis (1882) / Ahmad Arabi
  5. Muhammad Ahmed / Mahdi Revolt in Sudan

Questions to Consider to Integrate Into Your Essay:

  1. Who were the revolutionaries in this episode? Explain their revolutionary agenda.
  2. Did these revolutionaries embrace a particular revolutionary ideology? Europe's 1848 revolutionaries embraced "red republicanism." To what extent might the revolutionaries you are researching (in the non-Western world) embrace "frontier fundamentalism"? Explain.
  3. What role did the British/European "free-trade globalization" play in sparking the revolution? Other factors?
  4. Outcome? Results? Significance?