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8th Grade Research and Communications Class: Overview of the Class

Research and Presentation Skills

Welcome to your quarter-long adventure with the Research Skills elective. This class is designed to hone your skills in using print and online resources to organize and compose a research paper. The tricks of the trade you learn over the next few months will help you in every other research assignment you'll have as a student...and beyond.


Topic: History and impact of industries

What is the impact of a particular industry or company on the world? (cough cough this is not a genius question)

Grading Guidelines


Class Rules and Guidelines

  1. Come to class every day on time and with a positive attitude. Be an honorable student.

  1. Raise your hand before you speak. Take your participation and comments seriously.

  1. Respect others through your words and actions. That includes their computers and computers spaces.

  1. Stay on task. Since this class involves computer work, only use your computer for class assignments. 15% of your class grade will be based on “netiquette” and class behavior.

Grading Scale

Research and Communication Class Grade Breakdown

15% Computer “netiquette” and class behavior

15% Homework

25% Research Paper

25% Presentation/Speech

20% Quizzes/Tests