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NoodleTools for Citations

Why am I using NoodleTools?

This online citation maker is used campuswide by MBA. Your online sources are archived. Your source references are accurate. You’ve got strong evidence. Your notecards and outline are organized. This program completely prepares you to write! It also tracks all of your projects, so by the time you graduate, you have an online portfolio of your work.

How do I access NoodleTools, create a new project, and share it with my teacher?

1. Open a browser tab and sign into your MBA Google account. Then click on the 9-Dot Menu and scroll down until you see the option to click on NoodleTools.



2. Once you get to your NoodleTools account main page, click on the green New Project button on the top left.


3. Choose MLA and Advanced for the citation style (already the default). 

4. In the “Project title” field call give your project a name.

5. Click “Submit” to create a Project. 

6. Under “Sharing” click on the Plus sign to share your project with your teacher.

7. Next to Share with an Inbox, click on the +Share button.


8. Type in the inbox name for this assignment: (Your teacher will tell it to you)

 (If you start typing this, it will appear as a choice - click on the suggested choice to select it.) 

9. Click Done and check with your teacher to make sure your project is now visible.

Where can I find tutorials on NT?