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Civil Rights Documentary Proposal (Fuller 12th Grade): Home

Information Concerning the Proposal


Due:  9/20



Pg. 1


A.                 Working title of your documentary project.

B.                Description of the topic and your thesis statement about it. What are you trying to learn about the Civil Rights Movement? What questions are you trying to answer? What assumptions do you have about this topic?

C.                Outline of the documentary. Envision the structure (first attempt).

D.                Back up plan in terms of topic?

E.                 Bibliography (draft due by 9/14). At least 3 sources per student.

F.                 At least 4 notecards per source (due 9/18). Tell what your research reveals about the viability of your topic. The connection of the cards to your topic should be clear. Perfect quotes that you can use in your documentary? How does your initial research back up your assumptions?



Pg. 2

  1. Interview names
  2. 3-sentence bios about each interviewee and explanation of why you chose them.
  3. Interviewee contact info (email, work phone, home phone, cell phone)
  4. Back up plan if these interviews don’t pan out.


Groups and Topics

Music Group

Paul Moore

Jack Bond


School Integration

Amol Kaushal

Mohammad Azamtarrahian


Role of the Church

Brandon Key

Christopher Briggs

Cade Hooper