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Fiction into Film (Kinch 12th Grade): Resources


Library Catalog

Library Books with Literary Criticism

Be sure to check NOVELS FOR STUDENTS. There is a section called “Literature to Film” containing entries about film adaptations of commonly studied works that provide criticism and highlight technique, comparing and contrasting the film, and the work.  It is available in the reference section,

Search for literary criticism for your author by typing in last name, first name in the search box.  Then choose subject.  Make sure you write down the entire call number before you go to the shelves!

Ebooks (Complete List)

Scholarly Websites

Search scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books, abstracts and articles.  Remember on Google Scholar you are searching academic papers and not journals.  To search for academic journals, use JSTOR.

Google Scholar Search

Need a Digital Copy of Horseman, Pass By?

Internet Movie Database

Databases (Author Biographies and Literary Criticism)

If you are off campus you will need usernames and passwords for these sources.

Off Campus Access Information

Use the link below if you are off-campus and asked to provide a username and/or password.  You will be prompted to first log in to the MBA website.

Off-Campus Access