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East Asia and the Pacific World Report (Russ, Lawrence, Simpson, and Dodson 8th Grade): World Report Grading Form

Grading Form

Mr. Russ & Mr. Simpson

8th Cultural Geography

Unit Nine (East Asia and Pacific) Library Project






WRITTEN REPORT                                      /18


___ Length and Format - around 600 words typed or neatly written



___ Planning Sheet – turned in with report; thesis and body paragraphs are connected



___ Sources - correct number of sources correctly cited



___ Grammar/Spelling/Overall Writing; thesis statement; organization



___ Content – accurate, adequate, and appropriate information, argument




ORAL REPORT                                            /10


___ Length – three minutes (fifteen second margin of error)



___ Presentation - familiarity with material, eye contact, delivery, inflection



___ Content – overview, significance, organization




Notes on Oral Report: