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Acting Methods (Fuller): The Assignment

Constantin Stanislavski

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The Details

Research the biography and theory of the influential theater teacher assigned to you.  Compare his or her acting ideas to those of Stanislavski. You need at least 2 reliable, scholarly sources (no Wikipedia please). Please include them in your presentation.

Present your research in a slideshow. It should include at least 6 slides: 1) title page, 2) early life, 3) education & training, 4) experience as teacher, 5) comparison to Stanislavski’s technique,  6) works consulted. Make sure your presentation is clear and creative.

Influential Theater Teachers

Stella Adler -- Samuel Kinch

Sanford Meisner -- Reed Sullivan

Anne Bogart -- Joseph Hastings

Lee Strasberg -- Alexander Doulis

Uta Hagen -- Evans Lindsey

Jacques Lecoq -- Peter Roark