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Composers and Their Works (Smyth Music History): Your Assignment

Assignment Details

Research one of the following four composers and the larger work that is directly under their name and give an in-depth description of 2-3 pieces from the larger work that you are researching. The three sources used should be your book, JSTOR, and the Richard Taruskin series on reserve in the library. 

Project Timeline

Giuseppe Verdi

Composers and Their Works

Paper, PowerPoint and in class presentation DUE on 4/15

 Choose one of the following composers below and write a 500 word essay discussing that composer in depth. The paper should focus on the composer’s musical style, major works and his biography.  Also, prepare a 10 minute Google Presentation/ PowerPoint/Prezi presentation on the large work that is listed with your composer. The presentation should include 2-3 short audio examples that highlight the larger work. Each of these highlights should include an in-depth discussion of: rhythm, harmony, melody, texture, tone color and form. You should choose the highlights that are given to you in your book as a starting point.


Giuseppe Verdi


-La Dona Mobile

- bella figlia dell'amore

-Overture (and Complete opera):


Giacomo Puccini

La Boheme

Act one Excerpt (14:00- 34:00)


“Che Gelida Manina”


Richard Wagner

Die Walkure

The Ride of the Valkyries


End of Act ONE (starts at 4:27 in book)


Gustav Mahler

Symphony No. 5

4th Mvt, Adagietto

Complete Symphony