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As I Lay Dying (Markham 12th Grade): Literary Criticism: Digital Resources and the Book in Ebook Format

As I Lay Dying: Ebook of the Entire Novel

As I Lay Dying

Use Overdrive for access to this ebook!  Here's how:

How do I get started with Overdrive?

1. Download and open the Overdrive app. 
2. Choose "Have an account? Sign in." then "Sign in using library card."
3. Type Montgomery Bell Academy and choose as your library.
3. Username:  your email address without No password needed!
4. Enjoy!

To use without the app, click HERE.

Encyclopedia of the Great Depression

Great Depression

      Includes articles discussing the Great Depression. Most helpful articles: "Report on the Economic Conditions of the South" by Patricia Sullivan, and "South, Great Depression in the" by Tony Badger.  Click on the book cover to access this ebook.

Literary Criticism: William Faulkner

William Faulkner

      Provides in-depth analysis of the life, works, career, and critical importance of William Faulkner. Click on the book cover to access this ebook.


More Links to Digital Literary Criticism

The three links here are to literary criticism on As I Lay Dying.  Great resources!  You will need a password and username if you are off campus.