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La Ciudadania Global (Victoria Spanish III Honors): Other Online Resources

Webpath Express

Search here for preselected, credible websites concerning your topic:

Webpath Express

To access, choose MBA Library Catalog.  Then choose the Catalog tab, and the link to Webpath Express will be on the left.

General Encyclopedias

These general sources will provide a great overview of your person.   In addition, each article contains links to websites and in many cases, periodicals (magazines) as well.  Remember, you'll need usernames and passwords if you are researching off campus.  See the box on this page for the off-campus link.

Try this!

Google Scholar Search

Specific Databases

General Databases

Try these links for persons in any occupation.

Off Campus Access Information

Use the link below for off-campus usernames and passwords.  You will be prompted to first log in to the MBA website.

Off-Campus Access