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Rube Goldberg Machine Project (Carro IPS): Assignment

A Rube Cartoon!


The objective of this project is for you to build a 6-stage Rube Goldberg device whose purpose is to turn on a light bulb by flipping a switch. You can borrow the switch from school, but you must return it. Your machine DOES NOT have to have a light bulb. I will provide that and we will connect it to your switch when you run the machine.

You are free to be creative, but it is IMPORTANT that the design be yours and that YOU do most of the construction of the device.

The machine must have at least 6 separate steps, the last one will be to flip the switch, the first one will be an input from you (for example dropping a golf ball, pushing a lever or some triggering device, etc). 


The objectives of this project are:

 1)   For you to be creative in applying some of the Physics concepts you’ve learned (this is what design engineers do).

2)    For you to build something (many engineers do this: mechanical, construction, civil).

3)    For you to try your best to build something for as little money as possible and trying to recycle old pieces and parts.

4)    SAFETY! Good engineers always think about the safety of the devices they work on, and safety while building them! 

5)    To have a ton of fun while working and showing off your stuff.



The machine must have at least one of the following:

1) An inclined plane

2) A lever

3) A wheel

4) A screw

5) Stored potential energy (gravitational)

6) Stored potential energy (elastic-examples: a rubber band, a spring, etc)

7) Something that accelerates

8) Something that moves at constant speed (or pretty close to it)

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