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U.S. Constitution (Brock, Euverard 7th Grade): Assignment

The Preamble

Objectives and Topics


  • Students gain knowledge about the US Constitution
  • Students learn to collaborate in small groups
  • Students demonstrate the ability to present material to classmates


  • US Articles of Confederation (pg 145-153)
  • US Constitution Bill of Rights (pg  187-188)
  • US Legislative Branch (pg 173-180)
  • US Executive Branch Article 2 (pg 180-183)
  • US Judicial Branch Article 3 (pg 183-185)


  • Students will work in small groups to research topics related to the United States Constitution and Government in order to present the material in an accurate presentation
  • Use approved online and text resources for research
  • Use US History Textbook pages 145-197 for research 
  • Presentation must be in PowerPoint or GoogleSlides format
  • Must have minimum of 5 slides 
  • Students cannot read directly off PowerPoint, must have accompanying notecards


Directions, Dates, and Grading

 Dates (Brock):

  •  Project introduction:
  • ·Work day in the library:
  •  Work day in class:
  • ·Work day in the library:
  •  Presentations in class:


Dates (Euverard):

  • Project introduction:
  • Work day in library:
  • Work day in library:
  • Work day in class:
  • Presentations:


Grading (Brock): Total 60 points

               - Research 40 points

             - Presentation 20 points


Grading (Euverard):  Total 100 points

               - Research 60 points

             - Presentation 40 points