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Bronze Age Cities (Bailey, Ancient and Medieval World History): Assignment Details

Project Choices

Dominic Alloco                  Babylon (Mesopotamia)

Brycen Brown                    Lothal (Indus River Valley)

Walker Byrd                       Memphis, Egypt

Tully Fitzpatrick                 Akkad (Mesopotamia)

Danny Garcia                     Ur (Mesopotamia)

Will Higgins                        Thebes

John Jameson                    Mycenae

Dan McGuire                      Mohenjo daro (Indus River Valley)

Brennan Minkoff                  Iunu (Heliopolis)

Brown Payne                      Knossos (Minoan/Crete)

Alex Phillips                       Troy (I-V?)

Patrick Powell                     Uruk

Brennan Roach                  Cairo (Egypt)

Jairo Santos                        Harappa (Indus River Valley)

Logan Vick                          Hattusa (Hittites, in Anatolia)

Presentation Schedule

 October 10 (5-7 presentations)

 October 11 (5-7 presentations)

 October 12 (+/- 3 presentations)

Presentation Parameters

Your presentation must:

*be 6-7 minutes in length;

*have visuals (ie, Powerpoint) as well as a script;

*include a bibliography of sources used; and

*be shared with me on Google Drive the night before you are scheduled to present.

Content: Big Questions/Topics That Should Be Addressed as Part of Your Presentation

  1. What were the most important time periods and/or events for the city, and when was it at the height of its importance and why?
  2. Where was the city in the ancient world (and translate that to today) and why was the city located where it was?
  3. What were the key functions of the city and how did that change over time?
  4. Address trade and commercial activity for this city.
  5. What were the most important lasting legacies of this city?Consider: culture, technological innovataions including public works, governance, other aspects.
  6. Speak to the modern archaeological story and/or historiography of the ancient city.
  7. Relate your city to the Muller thesis. Possible approaches:  Are there examples in the city’s history that provide evidence supporting Muller’s thesis? Are there examples of the city’s leaders seeking to offset the problems cited by Muller?

While not all of these are required, if you focus on trying to address these rather than just summarizing key facts about your city, your presentation will be much more interesting and have more substance.