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Hellenistic Age Presentation (Bernatavitz): The Assignment

Alexander the Great (Photo Credit: The Great Courses)

Assignment Details

Hellenistic Age Presentation
Pick one of the names  below to which who can identify: Your choice with be verified in class. Be able to present within a 2-3 minute time frame. Include visuals, eye contact (expressiveness), clarity and organization (time), content (information), bibliography (source), and summary of presentations. Be sure to send the assignment to me as a power point presentation ( or share with me via Google Slides in advance of class on the day that the assignment is due. Be sure to practice your presentation and note the rubric being used to grade it.

Names for Presentation

1. Arrian - Wrote Anabasis (“Campaign”) of Alexander in the 2nd Century BC
2. Eratosthenes - Wrote manuscripts on mathematics, etc. Calculated circumference of the earth
3. Hipparchus - Created 360 divisions of latitude and longitude; held geocentric theory
4. Bessus - Satrap of Bactria who killed Darius III of Persia and became successor to the Persian throne
5. Philotas - Childhood friend and son of Parmenio who Alexander had killed
6. Theophrastos - Student of Aristotle who founded the study of botany and classified plants
7. Porus - Indian king of Punjab whom Alexander left to govern his own kingdom
8. Plutarch - Wrote essays on Alexander which give us detail on Alexander’s personality
9. Ptolemy - governor of Egypt by Alexandria; encourage migration to Egypt
10. Seleucus - Governor of Babylon after Alexander’s death; lost provinces to Indian emperor
11. Antigonus - Governor of Phrygia (Macedonia) in Asia Minor after Alexander’s death
12. Zenodotus - Librarian who first studied the manuscripts of the Iliad and the Odyssey
13. Callimachus - Librarian of Alexandria who advocated the epigrammatic style with emotion
14. Theocritus - From Syracuse; lived 314-250 BC; wrote idylls
15. Bucephalus - Alexander’s horse who died in India and whom Alexander mourned
16. Appollonius - Wrote in the epic style; thus, feuded with Callimachus; wrote Argonautica
17. Polybius - Taken to Rome as a hostage; wrote a history of Rome(2nd Punic War-146 BC)
18. Menander - Outstanding writer of the “new” comedy which dealt with social issues
19. Euclid - Most famous mathematician of the age (“father of scientific geometry”)
20. Archimedes - Inventor and theoretician who developed methods for measuring surface area and volume; calculated pi
21. Aristarchus of Samos - Proposed the heliocentric theory of the universe; educated in Aristotle’s school
22. Epicurus - Hellenistic philosopher who taught that pleasure is derived from satisfaction of wants; political passivity; fear as an obstacle
23. Diogenes - Hellenistic philosopher who taught that happiness results from being self-sufficient; limit one’s desires and live in natural state; mistrusted social conventions
24. Zeno - Hellenistic philosopher who taught that the universe is governed by laws which are superior to the laws of any human society; people as equals
25. Pyrrho of Elis - Hellenistic philosopher who denied the possibility of finding truth arguing that everything is discerned through the senses which are totally unreliable