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European Country Presentation Project (Barclay 8th Grade): The Assignment



Project Details

Information you will include in your presentation. Keep in this order. You should have  a lot of Pictures.

Title Page: (5 Points)

  • Country’s Name, Pictures of your Country, Country’s Flag, One Quote about Your Country, and Your Name

History of the Country: (10 Points)

  • When did it become a country with its current name? Reason why this name was chosen? Meaning? Name(s) that country had in the past?
  • Has there been any recent conflicts in your country? 19th Century à Present
  • How did country gain sovereignty or independence?

Government: (10 Points)

  • Government Structure: Explain the type of government that runs this nation.
  • Name and positions of Leaders in Government
  • Flag: Country’s Current Flag with a description of flag’s meaning. Does your country have older flags? What do they look like and what do they mean?
  • National Symbols
  • National Anthem, Pledge (You can add audio samples)

Economy: (10 Points)

  • Type of economy
  • Name of currency
  • GDP per Capita
  • Are they a member of the European Union?
  • What is their largest Export? Import?

Physical Geography & Features: (10 Points)

  • Political/Physical Maps: Major land forms, bodies of water, major cities, capital city, and include absolute location of the capital city.
  • Size of Country in Square Miles
  • Climate(s)
  • Capital City
  • Largest City
  • Longest River
  • Highest Mountain
  • Natural Resources


Ecosystems: (5 Points)

  • Plant Life
  • Animal Life

Population and People: (10 Points)

  • Total Population, Population Density
  • Ethnic Groups
  • Religions
  • Languages
  • Life Expectancy
  • Literacy Rates

Culture: (5 Points)

  • Food, Architecture, Sports, Music, Fashion, etc…

Famous People: (5 Points)

  • Historical? Current? Why are they important?

Interesting Facts: (5 Points)

  • Give FIVE (or more) interesting facts of your country

Tourism/Advertisement: (5 Points)

  • Why do people visit your country? What do they visit? Where do people in your country spend their leisure time?
  • Think of it like this: You have been hired by a travel agency to either encourage prospective tourists regarding their choice of your country as their destination.  Assure them that they have made a wise choice to visit your country.

Current Events: (5 Points)

  • What is happening in your country today? Find a current event story and fill us in.

Olympic Games: (5 Points)

  • How many Olympians from your country are being sent to the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea?
  • What events is your country known for in the Summer Games? Winter Games?

*** Your task is to follow this country during the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea, and you will give a report on how they did after the games are over. Keep this in mind. J

Sources: (5 Points)

  • List the sources you used to compile your report.  There are no limits on the number or types of sources you may use, but you must cite them all and cite them in a manner that would allow me to find them.

Presentation: (5 Points)

  • You need to email these projects to me ( the night before these projects are due. These projects will be due this Friday (2/2/2018)
  • You will present these projects to your class. I will select what information you share. J