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Roman Games in the Colosseum (Stewart Latin II): Assignment

Details of the Assignment


List of topics:

  • Etruscan or Campanian origins of gladiatorial combats
  • Emperors who competed as gladiators (esp. Commodus)
  • Gladiator training (diet, medical care, etc.)
  • Types of gladiatorial combat (murmillō, rētiārius, bēstiāriī, secutor, thraex, velites)
  • The rebellion of Spartacus
  • Other spectacles in the Colosseum (naumachia, animal hunts, theatrical presentations, chariot races)
  • Contemporary, post-Roman, and modern opinions of gladiatorial combat
  • The construction and architecture of the Colosseum


Two people will pair to work on this project. A single grade will be assigned to both participants.

The pairs will have three days in class to work on the project. All work must be done in this classroom. Research material will be provided, and students will be expected to bring and use their computers.

The presentation must be at least six minutes long. It must include the following: 

A slideshow with a total of at least 15 slides, including the title page.  At least 8 of the slides must  feature images pertinent to the topic.

The pair must also present a printed version of the slideshow, including a list of sources as one page. The names of both students must appear on the title page.

 Due Date:

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