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Caesar's Conquest of Gaul (Bernatavitz): The Assignment

Details of the Assignment

Research and read an account of one of Caesar's encounters with a tribe in Gaul during the Gallic Wars that has been assigned to you. Be prepared to present to the class.

A.     Indicate your sources using Noodle Tools. Be sure that you use a translation of Caesar's De Bello Gallico (i.e. commentaries of Caesar's Conquest of Gaul) as one of the sources.

B.     Indicate Rome's enemy by giving the best description possible of the tribe Caesar encounters.

C.     Mention the time during the Gallic Campaign that the encounter takes place and describe the geographic location of the tribe.

D.     Diagram any tactics or resources that were used by Caesar's army during his encounter with this tribe.

E.     Prepare a 3 minute presentation describing Caesar's encounter with the tribe using images and maps.

Julius Caesar