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Poetry of the Harlem Renaissance (Fuller): Assignment

The Harlem Renaissance - Black Cultural Movement in Art Music and Literature

Choose a Poet

Gwendolyn Bennett - Chase

Sterling Brown - Davis

Arna Bontemps - Jordan & Ketch

Langston Hughes - Nick & Simon

Claude McKay - Michael & Hutton

Countee Cullen - Liam & Gabe

Jean Toomer - Reid

Jessie Redmon Fauset - Walker

Mae Cowdery - Ryan

Anne Spencer - Zeke

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Assignment Details: 4 Slides

Present slide show that includes:
1) Biography of the poet
2) Information about his or her works
3) Leads class through analysis of one poem (so have slide with text of poem)
4) Works Consulted (Bibliography)--At least 2 sources (no Wikipedia)

You will be graded on content as well as the organization, clarity and visual appeal of your presentation.