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ArcGIS Mapping Project (Spiegl 8th Grade): Project Details

Scope of the Project

Scope of project: 

Focus Question:  “If the New Madrid Seismic Zone were to reactivate with the same energy release as the 1811-1812 events, what would be the effect on your family, and what plan would you have in place as a response?

Additional questions:

What was the estimated magnitude of the events of 1811-1812?   Can moment magnitude be calculated for the events?   What are the Modified Mercalli values for the events?  How do you know?


Does my family’s dwelling place need to be retrofitted or strengthened in any way?  How?  How could I find out? 


What emergency contact plan needs to be in place so that my family members can communicate?  Meet? 


What is my family’s supply list?  What items are included and why?


Extra credit:  including eyewitness or firsthand accounts of the events as they were perceived or registered in Nashville.  PS: Nashville Public Library has Tennessee Gazette of December 1811 on microfiche.  

Grading Criteria


Are the above questions answered?   Does my map have at least 7 layers, including:  Plate boundaries, Mercalli values, Richter values, home location,  population centers, effects-four, (see CUSEC sourced material), and anything else you want to use to answer the question. 

IS it in story map format?   Are there text slides answering the last three additional questions? 

Danger Zones: Earthquake Risk

Image Credit: National Geographic