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Southern Authors (Moxley English IV): Assignment Details


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Oral Presentation Assignment

 Reports on Southern Authors


I.  Research your author using the following sources.  You should reference at least two different sources (i.e., do not rely on just one short biography):

     A.  The reference section of our library (ask the librarians where these books are)

1. The Dictionary of Literary Biography

2. American Writers   [There are others . . .]

     B.  The online catalog (called Destiny) to find relevant biographical material (see this guide under Books and eBooks tab). 

           Look up your author as a “subject.”

     C.  Our internet databases that are on this libguide on the Databases tab.

1. Literature Resource Center [start here]

2. Literary Reference Center

3. Bloom's Literary Reference Center (If you’re off-campus you will need

    the passwords that are also online.)

II. Using your two sources, build an outline of your writer’s life.  You will turn in this one-page outline the DAY BEFORE your report.

III.  Create a PowerPoint or Prezi that artfully delivers the outline with images, videos, etcetera.

IV.  Rehearse and then deliver your report in 10 minutes.  You will stand at the podium and deliver your report with your notes before you so that you don’t feel the need to read the screen.









1. Completion: all required parts of the project are completed, including an outline submitted the day before your presentation (10 points)

2. Knowledge: proves you have prepared thoroughly and have taught the class key and relevant details about the writer’s life and work (50)

3. Attractive: colorful backgrounds, legible text, effective sound, or other techniques (10)

4. Creativity and style: something special about the presentation—hard work, artistic ability, verbal flair, insight, depth of analysis, thoroughness (10)

5. Delivery: do not read the screen.  Print your own slides so you have them at the podium; make eye contact with the class and avoid reading the screen.(20)