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Sixties Chronology Project (Fuller 12th Grade): Home

The Assignment

Sixties Chronology Project

Senior Interdisciplinary Seminar


This assignment will enable you to work as individuals as well as a group to discover the historical background for our study of the Civil Rights Movement. In the process, you should begin to encounter resources for information as well as interconnections of ideas and themes.




  1. Each of you will be assigned ONE of the persons, places, or events from each of the two lists. Using available research tools, you should discover the details AND significance of your chronology items. Please make use of the internet to discover details. You may also find your American History book or reference sources helpful. Use at least 2 dependable sources and record the citations. What is still controversial about that event or person?
  2. Print out a visual representation for your item. Pictures, cartoons, slogans, or other symbols are possibilities.
  3. You should also be ready to do a brief (5 min.) presentation on each of your items and their significance. Hand in your typed presentation report (at least a half-page) with the citations at the end. Your grade will be partially based on the strength of your sources.
  4. Presentations will begin on Tuesday, January 17th.



Primary Source Photograph


Vietnamese soldiers of the 21st Recon Company rush to board waiting Huey choppers in the rice paddies near their forward command post in South Vietnam on Nov. 14, 1969. The men are to be transported into the interior of the U-Minh forest, the large marshy and swamp and forest area at the southern tip of Vietnam, long considered to be a VC strong-hold. For the previous month, an all Vietnamese operation called "Operation u-minh" had been attempting to drive the VC and NVA regulars from the area. It was the second such operation within the year. (AP Photo/Godfrey)

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Civil Rights

Significant Persons, Places, and Events


Freedom Rides


Birmingham Sunday School Bombing


University of Alabama (George Wallace, Autherine Lucy)


March on Washington 1963


Malcolm X Assassination


1964 & 1968 Civil Rights Act


1965 Voting Rights Act




Black Panthers


MLK, Jr. Assassination


James Meredith Enrolls at University of Mississippi

Emmett Till Murder


Medger Evers Murder


March from Selma to Montgomery (E. Pettis Bridge)


Freedom Summer (Deaths of Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner)

Vietnam War

Significant Persons, Places, and Events

French Surrender at Battle of Dien Bien Phu

Gulf of Tonkin Incident (and Resolution)

Tet Offensive (& Battle for Hue)

Operation "Rolling Thunder" Deployed (& General Westmoreland)

Ho Chi Minh Trail

General Giap

My Lai Massacre

Buddhists Protest Again Diem (Thich Quang Duc Self-Immolation)

Diem's Assassination

Johnson Announces He Will Not Seek Reelection

Kent State