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State of the Arts (Fuller Theater Arts ): Researching Your Topic can I distinguish scholarly journals from other periodicals?

Periodicals (magazines) may be divided into four categories:

ScholarlyMagazines that are concerned with academic study, especially research.  Scholarly journals always cite their sources in the form of footnotes or bibliographies.  Articles are written by a scholar or someone who has done research in the field.  Many scholarly journals are published by a specific professional organization or university press.

 Examples of Scholarly Journals:

JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association

Modern Fiction Studies

The Virginia Quarterly

Sewanee Review

Substantive-Magazines that provide information, in a general manner, to a broad audience of concerned citizens. These magazines are generally published by commercial enterprises.  Articles are written by a member of the editorial staff, a scholar or free lance writer.

Examples of Substantive Journals:

New York Times

National Geographic


Christian Science Monitor

Popular-Magazines fit for, or reflecting the taste and intelligence of, the people at large. These magazines generally include many graphics and feature short, simply written articles with little depth in content.

Examples of Popular Journals:


Reader’s Digest

Sports Illustrated


Sensational-Magazines that arouse strong curiosity, interest or reaction.

Examples of Sensational Journals:


National Inquirer




JSTOR Database Search

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Gale Indexes

USE THE SEARCH BOX BELOW!  Cross-searchable database of journal articles.


Gale Index Subject Search

Instead of using the search box above, click on this link to go directly to the subject "theater" and browse the subdivisions.

Tennessee Electronic Library

Fine Arts and Music Collection

This collection contains over 10 million full-text articles published between 1980 and 2012 in the areas of drama, music, art history, and filmmaking.

Helpful Hints from Dr. Fuller

Funding topic--be sure to look at articles on the National Endowment for the Arts. This government agency funds theater and other art project. Also--How has corporate sponsorship for the arts been influenced by the economy?
Sexual Content &/or nudity-- It may be helpful to look at reviews and other articles about these recent productions: The Blue Room, Equus, Hair, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee & The Full Monty.

Language-- It may be helpful to look at articles & reviews of these recent productions: Urinetown, Avenue Q, and M-Fer in a Hat. One thing to consider: how does the title of the play influence advertising and marketing of that show? How do you let audiences know whether the material is appropriate for children?
Another topic that came up: the lack of original scripts/stories on Broadway. Most new musicals (especially) are based on movie screenplays. Why?

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