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State of the Arts (Fuller Theater Arts): The Assignment

Dr. Fuller's Assignment

Based on our brainstorming sessions, choose a topic about contemporary theater that interests you. Together, we will research our topics in the library using search engines appropriate for high school study. Find an interesting scholarly article on your subject and print it out. Ideally, the article is not more than ten years old and three-to-five pages in length. Write a summary of this article (about a half-page, typed). Come up with at least 3 good discussion questions that this article raises for you about the topic. List those questions at the end of your summary. Staple the original article to your summary and questions. Give the citation for the article (if it is not on the printout).

Grading Rubric

1. In order to receive an "A" for this assignment, you need to choose an excellent topic and find an appropriate article (not more than 10 years old), 3-5 pages, addresses the topic well). Your summary needs to be in your words and well-written. Your questions should be insightful and interesting. What are the implications of the issues raised by the article?
2. If your topic is fine and the article meets the requirements, but your summary and questions only show partial understanding of the issue and its implications, you will receive a "B" for this assignment.
3. If your topic is questionable and your article does not fully address a contemporary issue in modern theater, you will do less well on this assignment. Likewise, if the summary and questions do not consistently show thought and polish, you will receive a "C" for this assignment.
4. If you fail to choose a good topic and an appropriate article, you will fail the assignment. If your summary and questions are totally lacking in thought and polish, you will receive a "F" for this assignment.