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Historical French Figures (French I): Assignment


Sources Required

Please use at least 3-4 quality sources for this project. Notice that you must give credit to sources used.

Assignment Details

French I- Présentation d’un personnage historique

40 pts

1.       Choisissez votre personnage:

Vercingétorix, Charlemagne, Guillaume le Conquérant, Jeanne d’Arc, Louis XIV,

Napoléon Bonaparte, Victor Hugo, Charles de Gaulle

2.       Plan:  Write out an ouline which should be framed like this:

I.   Introduction- Events and accomplishments for which  the person is probably best known. Monuments, statues, other things made in his/her    honor.  


II.  Birth and childhood.

III. Education and Youth

IV.  Life and Work

V.   Main Accomplishment

VI.  Conclusion

3.       You may use no more than 6 note cards, one for each part. Half the oral presentation must be in French. I would suggest the first 3 parts.  You may use media which you save to a web site or a flash drive on my laptop.

4.       Grading rubric:

1.       Organization and preparation (5 pts)

2.       Quality of Presentation; speak up, communicate your ideas clearly, good use of media, interesting content (20 pts)

3.       Use of French: must be 50% in French; 3 of 6 parts(10pts)

4.       Research:  Attrribution and good use of sources, document materials used on a PPT slide or document. (5pts)