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Democratic Revolutions (Herring MEH): The Assignment

Assignment Details

The Assignment Question:

 Does the "Bonapartist" pattern apply to recent democratic revolutions?  Focus on BOTH the Arab Spring Revolution in Egypt (2011-2013) and revolution in Chile (1973-1988) in your answer.  (See detail below.)

Research Requirements:

  • You MUST use MBA library research facilities, including this LibGuide. For other sources, go to then click on the green Databases tab.
  • Minimum of TWO research sources (ABC-CLIO, JSTOR, etc.)
  • Wikipedia/Google count as THIRD source ONLY
  • Bibliography must be included (use Noodletools for an easy bibliography process)

  1. Arab Spring (2011-2013):   A  series of events in North Africa and the Middle East that began in late 2010, after a street vendor in Tunisia set himself on fire in front of a municipal building to protest his living conditions and the Tunisian government. His public act of protest sparked a full-blown rebellion in Tunisia, which then touched off protests and revolutions throughout the Arab world.

        2.  Revolution in Chile (1973-1988)):  The MIR (Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria, or Movement of the Revolutionary Left) is a Chilean              insurgent group that was formed in the mid 1960's. During the 1970's, after the fall of President Salvador Allende, it actively attempted to overthrow              the Chilean government, at that time led by Dictator Augusto Pinochet. After several key leaders were captured and/or killed, the MIR ceased being              a legitimate threat to the Chilean government. It still exists today as a political party: it has renounced violence and terrorism and is instead              seeking change through political action.