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Western Europe City Escape (McMurray 8th Grade): Webquest Instructions

Your Assignment

Here is your complete this webquest!  Please follow the link below for all instructions.  Resources for research may be found on this libguide. Happy webquesting!


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Athens, Greece
Barcelona, Spain
Berlin, Germany
Bruges, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
Copenhagen, Denmark
Dublin, Ireland
Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)
Florence, Italy
Geneva, Switzerland
Helsinki, Finland
Lisbon, Portugal
Madrid, Spain
Munich, Germany
Nice, France
Oslo, Norway
Reykjavik, Iceland
Stockholm, Sweden
Venice, Italy
Vienna, Austria

Types of Sources Required

Sources: Each student must use a minimum of five sources, but there is no limit to how many, as long as all are reliable and properly cited in the final bibliography.  


You must use at least: one ebook, one online database or encyclopedia, and one website.  Printed non-fiction books are acceptable but not required.  As always in this class, use of Wikipedia and any similar sites will not be allowed.