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Summer Reading at MBA: Eighth Grade

Information on summer reading for all grades, including the all-school read.

Eighth Grade Summer Reading

Summer Reading Requirement – Eighth Grade

I.  Each eighth-grader is required to read the two books below.  These novels will be quizzed the first week of school (no written report required). Additionally, we will discuss these texts in class; those discussions will form the basis of our first tests and writing assignments of the year. While reading, jot down character and place names, the key events in each chapter, and, if you own the book, underline passages that you think are essential to character and thematic development.

           Robert Lipsyte                                          The Contender

           Agatha Christie                                        And Then There Were None

II.  All School Read for 2023-24: Each boy in grades seven through twelve is required to read The Race of the Century: The Battle to Break the Four-Minute Mile by Neal Bascomb. All students will complete an assessment over this book in the first weeks of school.